Tuesday 22th September 2009

Big Wardrobe, Big Swish Fashion Swapping Event

Swish 'n' Swapsies


How big is your wardrobe? Mine just got bigger, a lot bigger… Why? Well, I’ve recently discovered the wonderful world of and it’s fabulous. All I do is upload my item onto the website and wait for the offers to come rolling in. I’m currently pondering on offering £20 and some Rayban aviators in exchange for a Vera Wang dress advertised at £50…

But if you’re not into the whole idea of virtual swapping, Big Wardrobe’s Big Swish is coming to the real world with their first of its kind national roadshow. Just bring a bundle of items you’d be proud to exchange for preloved booty and swap to your heart's content...

Details: next Big Swish is October 15th at Manchester Uni and 18th Jan ’10 in London. (Touring all major UK cities)

Reviewed by Jess North

Friday 11th September 2009

Monkey Shoulder Treehouse bar made from recycled wood

Monkeying Around


You never know what a treck through the urban jungle will uncover and this weekend you might just stumble across The Monkey Shoulder Tree House bar - a blink-and-you'll-miss-it 4 day pop-up drinkery near Brick Lane's Truman Brewery.

Made entirely out of recycled wood from whisky barrels by designers Cheeky Tiki, this temporary hipster hangout will offer whisky cocktails including 'Monkey Mule' and 'Show Me The Monkey' alongside backgammon and snakes and ladders.

Why not swing by?

When: 10th -13th Sept. 12-9pm

Where: Ely's Yard at the Old Truman Brewery, E1.

Friday 4th September 2009

Paper Dress vintage boutique in Hoxton

Tea Party + Shopping = Fun! Fun! Fun!


So completely and utterly excited about turning 2 this month, hip vintage boutique Paper Dress are throwing an Alice In Wonderland Tea Party - complete with mad hatter magician, fantasy window dancers, DJ, free gin tea cocktails and 10% off all stock. They'll even throw in a £5 voucher if you register online or email

Where: Follow the white rabbits down to Paper Dress, 114 Curtain Road, Hoxton E2.

When: Thursday 24th Sept 7pm-10pm


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