Carbon Kicker

Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, it’s time to admit it – we're a nation of carbon junkies.

The average UK citizen is responsible for releasing 10 big fat tonnes of CO2 into our environment every year. All that driving, flying, food mileage and general consumption is out of control and is taking it's toll on our poor little planet. Expert's recommend that we need to get this down to 1 tonne each by 2050. Yikes, we better get cracking then...

Use our carbon calculator to get an idea of what your annual emissions are for your primary footprint (the average is 5 tonnes). So, let's kick that carbon habit together – good luck fellow junkies...

Starting At Home...

Enter 0 here if you've swapped to a 100% renewable energy supplier
Your home footprint
tonnes of C02 / year

Now cars and trains...

if (you regularly drive with other people (or get driven) then please remember to split the petrol costs accordingly.

The calculation
The calculation
Your car/train footprint
tonnes of C02 / year

Finally, planes...

Flights of 6 hours or under are classed as short haul. And don't forget to include your return journeys!

The calculation
The calculation
Your plane footprint
tonnes of C02 / year
Your total footprint
tonnes of C02 / year
So now you know!!

Login here to save your results online. Next time you have a go on our calculator, you can compare and see how well you're doing at reducing your eco-footprint!

What next?

Have a little old look at our Act section for Top Tips. Some of these will lighten your secondary footprint, (the other five tonnes which include consumption and waste) which is unfortunately more difficult to measure in a calculator. We also think the links below are great: – private expert coaching. – offset your emissions and they'll do good things on your behalf (not just planting trees either).


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