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Fashion alert! Vintage shopping just got even cooler thanks to fash-tastic girl/boy duo Andrea Perini and Naveed Hussain.  ‘Vagabond NYC’, their newly launched online boutique, showcases covetable but surprisingly affordable pieces modeled by a bevy of New York cuties.

With an acute eye for what’s relevant in creating a contemporary look out of vintage finds, the clothes are styled in a way that makes them top of the hot list for thoroughly modern minnies.   We caught up with the Brooklyn pair to find out more…

Hot vintage styles and designers to snap up in 2009….
Naveed: We are always on the hunt for Callaghan, Early Versace, Helmut Lang, Body Map, and Alaia. Even though we have been all about the early 90’s for the past few years, I still find it to be the best era to incorporate pieces from for a look that’s still quite contemporary.
Andrea: Anything Pam Hogg, Body Map, Callaghan, Bill Gibb & Walter Albini.

My most embarrassing fashion faux-pas…
Naveed: Christian Dior colored hair mascara in the late 90’s.
Andrea: An asymmetrical Rosie O’Donnell Haircut at age 13.

The best vintage fashion books are…
Naveed: The Origins of High-Fashion & From Anti-Fashion to Stylism.
Andrea: To me, 80’s era magazines like The Face, Omni & French Vogue are endless sources of inspiration, as well as Jean Paul Gaude’s “So Far, So Gaude” and Diana Vreeland’s book.

My favourite ethical fashion label…
Naveed: Organic by John Patrick & Stella McCartney.
Andrea: Stella McCartney & Mociun.

The most outrageous bit of recent greenwash…
Naveed: Wal-Mart lobbying to redefine the definition of the word organic.
Andrea: Things marketed as “all natural” while produced in China, a country who’s production ethics have been highly questionable in the past.

I’d love to be a fly on the wall at…
Naveed: Hussein Chalayan’s Spring/Summer 2007 show.
Andrea: A Wu-Tang Clan recording session.

Call me big-headed but I’m fabulously talented at…                                   
Naveed: Being calm & organized, and looking at a piece of clothing & knowing who made it & when.
Andrea: Forecasting & intuiting next season’s trends.

If I had a time-machine I’d travel to…
Naveed: Early 80’s New York to experience the hot-bed of creativity in New York at the time that everyone seems so nostalgic about.
Andrea: See a Joy Division Show or dance at The Hacienda Club to New Order & people watch.

The thing about vintage is…
Naveed & Andrea: Being able to wear something with cultural & historical precedent while looking current and completely original.

My biggest fashion influences…
Naveed: Raf Simons, Number (N)ine, Miucca Prada & New York City.
Andrea: Camilla Nickerson, Martin Margiela, Punk Rock.

Some might call it an eco-sin but I can’t live without…
Naveed: Vintage fur and leather goods.
Andrea: Leather Prada shoes & bags, plastic and man-made goods need to be re-thought.

The fashion rules I most enjoy breaking…
Naveed: Being a boy who only fits into women’s clothing, I get the chance to wear clothing that as a man, takes a lot of guts and intuition to pull off without looking too feminine.
Andrea: Pushing boundaries that people didn’t even know were there for the breaking.

If I was President for the day I would… 
Naveed: With the state of the world as it is today, I think I would hide in a corner, everything these days seems to turn into a detrimental crisis.
Andrea: I would change legislation to allow gay marriage and make the judgement be irrevocable.

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