Born To Bee

Bee-quiet and bee-have now folks, bee-cause its time to stand up for the bees. From the States to Europe, bee populations are alarmingly decreasing and as buzzy bees are our crops’ main pollinators there are no prizes for guessing which way this will go if the decline continues.

No bees = no pollination = no crops = no food!

But bees are hardy creatures and love to gambol about. They can set up camp just about anywhere. Even taking up residence a-top some of London’s most glamorous roofs…
Fortnum and Mason, purveyors of fine foods and jolly lovely window displays, are creating quite a buzz (sorry) by creating a series of colonies up on their rooftops, where the busy bees produce yummy honey which they then sell in-store. These bees about town live in specially designed and built hives - all high enough to give Amy’s infamous beehive barnet a run for its honey!

Even hotels are getting in on the act. No, bees don’t get their own suite but they do get a rather lovely roof top view of Hyde Park. And they’re even at the Royal Lancaster too. These bees simply buzz on down to the park then get busy with the flowers and plants.

And there's some big bee stuff happening too with Defra, The Department For Environment committing to spending £4.3 million extra on bee health, £2million of which will go on research and the rest will go to the National Bee Unit for their ongoing work with beekeepers.

So, if you fancy donning a net hat and trying your hand at Queen Bee-dom then check out for your own stylish Bee Haus. It has twice the room of a traditional hive and can store up to 7kg of honey at a time, so not only will you have lots of sweet honey but you’ll be helping the environment and the little buzzy dudes too.

Feature writer: Lorraine Johnson


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