Everything’s Going To Be All Wight...

As every good eco-ista knows – vintage is the shortcut to style and a squeaky clean conscience in one green swoop. So save your carbon footprint this summer and take a Vintage Vacation a bit closer to home.

Like everything on the Isle of Wight, Vintage Vacations’ 1960s and '70s airstream trailers walk the line between kitsch and cool. All are lovingly kitted out by former stylist Helen Cunningham and her husband Fraser with crocheted bedspreads, cupboards full of vintage crockery and old board games sourced from eBay. Think Mad Men’s Don Draper does a Californian road trip – except you’re in a field, in England (don’t worry, the isle has more hours of sunshine than anywhere else in the whole of the UK).

Camping still bring you out in a cold sweat? The vintage-loving couple also have a beach shack (with super-eco solar powered cred), cottage, bungalow and even a converted mission on the island if you require a bit more substance with your style.

Feature writer: Fiona Kerr

Good for you it's cute, kitsch and pretty cheap – channel that Betty Draper-vibe and stock up on sweet 60s dresses before you sail.

Good for the environment no fly, re-cycled accommodation and even a local ethical food delivery company to boot (The Real Island Food Company www.realislandfood.co.uk). You won’t even make a carbon toe-mark.


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