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The cool kids are doing it, yummy mummies are loving it and men of a certain age are living for it. What are we talking about? Cycling of course! You have to admit... the streets have become somewhat saturated with two wheeled transport and one company enjoying this resurgence is Brooks saddles.

Producing bike saddles since 1866, their cycling heritage is second to none and the crème de la crème for those who take their cycling a little more seriously than a trip to the corner shop. So this year, they’ve taken things one step further and created their first organic leather saddle. “Brooks saddles have long been the first choice of long-distance bicycle travellers for their unrivalled comfort and longevity.  Yet even still, we had enquiries from some asking if it were not possible to improve upon the already high standard we ourselves had set. We could satisfy this need of our customers while supporting organic farming, which we see as a win/win” explains Bregan Faika, spokesperson at Brooks.

Sourcing the leather didn’t prove too difficult either as they turned to one of their traditional leather suppliers who are already one of the oldest tanneries in Sweden. The line is called Select because these saddles are made from leather which is somewhat hard to obtain. Each leather top is certified and comes from the hides of cattle grown on organic farms, raised in lovely healthy environments, grown at a natural pace, allowing for the production of unusually strong and resilient leather.

So just in case you needed any more reasons to get back on your bike, you can now be rest assured that your bottom shall be sat upon a very guilt-free organic option.

Select Saddles will be available from February 2011 www.brooksengland.com

Feature writer: Rachel Edwards


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