Itsy Eco Interview - Supermarket Sarah

Imagine this…you walk into your living room and there it is, a wall overflowing with the most delectable interiors treats and vintage fashion finds from around the world. It would be like Christmas every day!   And that’s just how Supermarket Sarah must feel each morning. Putting the corporate world firmly behind her, she has created a shop within her very own home near Portobello Market. Her pop-up shopping collages, made of uniquely handpicked gems, have been such a runaway success she now collaborates with some of the most exciting names around including Tom Dixon, Vintage Academe and Tatty Devine. We thought it was high time we took a sneeky peek into her world…

A little known fact about me is..... I'm a minimalist in a hoarder’s body.
If I could go on a Supermarket Sweep anywhere it would be....In a secret flea market in a far off land.
Hiding in the depths of my wardrobe are… A broken pair of 'Polarn O Pyret' stripey leggings that I've had since I was a little. They've stretched and become super soft yet are totally broken and ripped. I'm thinking of framing them as I can't bare to throw them away. They remind me of cosy homey times.
If I could collaborate with anyone to do a Supermarket Sarah wall it would have to be.... Paul Smith would be rather amazing!

I do my bit to reduce my carbon footprint by.... cycling as much as I can.

My 'un-eco' guilty pleasures are..... washing machines and dishwashers over washing by hand any day.

If I could live in an era gone-by......  I think I'd be quite good wafting about Victoriana style!

My top 3 favourite online boutiques are....
My worst habit.... Twiddling my hair non stop!

The best piece of advice I've ever been given.... Follow your hunches.

If I had to predict what was going to be big for 2011 it would be..... Supermarket Sarah!!!!

Interview By Rachel Edwards


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