Garden of Edun

Would you Adam and Eve it? Harvey Nichols has an edgy, ethical range to offer us.

Edun is the sustainable clothing range launched by U2 Frontman, Bono, and his Mrs. But don’t let that put you off. Former Louis Vuitton designer Susan Wauchob hasn’t. She’s now happily into her second collection for the brand, consistently designing creations which are both experimental and functional.

She brings us tribal-style freedom with complete wearability, great for all the pent-up urbanites out there. And she’s got to be on to a winner with that fierce but feminine approach to fabrics; metallics and loose knits feature most prominently and leave a lasting impression. Think strong texture, lots of it, organic blends, unruly prints, and layered draping producing a real earthy effect. Well worth the hype.

Importantly, Edun has its African fair-trade policy locked down, the inspiration for which is evident in the designs, and we’re delighted to see more quality labels gaining backing and status at the high-end of the high street. More like this please!

Personally, it is the macramé tank I’m after. It’s the charcoal grey, steel-like knit which made me sit up. If you want to get tough with the current day-dreamy seventies vibe, this will work like a swift kick up the backside

Price from £160



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