Pure Pleasures

What could be finer than to spend an evening ensconced in the secret sumptuousness that is Black's private members club in Soho for an exclusive natural wine soiree? Well, not a lot actually as StyleWillSaveUs was lucky enough to be invited to indulge last night by natural wine guru Isabelle Legeron. A three hour magical mystery tour of 12 fabulously-edited natural wines, oodles of artisan cheeses and huge mountains of Eton Mess.... Oh yes, bring it on.

This sneak-preview was a little taster of what's to come at the inaugural Natural Wine Fair at Borough Market this May. The brainchild of Isabelle and 5 natural wine importers, they've managed to get 120 growers to come to London, complete with 500 of their truly special wines.

And we're not just talking organic wines here (although that and biodynamics are the basis for the farming), we're talking 'natural' in every way, even in the winery, where there is minimal or no intervention. These wines are lovingly created in the purest way they can be. No fortifications, no added yeasts or acidity, minimal filtration and greatly reduced sulphurs – the latter meaning there's nothing getting in the way of your B vitamins breaking down the alcohol, which also means greatly reduce hangovers – as this morning proved in mighty fashion.

So if you get the chance, sign up for one of Isabelle's unmissable tasting sessions – she'll have you hooked!



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