A Day In The Life Of Noir's Peter Ingwerson

Hands up who doesn't love nosying into the lives of others? Especially of those whose jobs reside in the glamorous whirlwind of the fashion industry.

So, we asked Peter Ingwerson, Dane of mighty principles and mastermind behind the world's sexiest ethical fashion label Noir, to share his day on the job...

6:00 Wake up automatically same time everyday, 24/7 - 365 days a year.

6:30 Pad my dog, is still dizzy with tiredness but trying to seem supportive of me whilst knowing that he can sleep after I´m gone, 24/7 - 365 days a year.

7:00 Ride my bike to office, then go through e-mail correspondence while I eat breakfast.

8:00 Tailors come in and start drilling the sewing machines and I brace myself for a day with back-2-back meetings.

9:00 First meeting of the day - finance/budget meeting - inspires me to think about what I would have done with my life if I was not working in the fashion industry.

10:00 Meeting with the design team, going through fabrics, styles, prices and delivery periods and I am glad that I do work in the fashion industry.

11:30 Meeting with our Corporate Social Responsibility manager for updates on UN Global Compact principles, Code of Conduct and our ethical venture in Uganda. Now really happy to be in this industry where we can make a difference.

12:00 Interview with a journalist who asks if I was to run for a ministry; what ministry would it be?...Officially I answer Ministry of Culture, but inside my brain all my little grey scream Ministry of Magic.

13:00 Christine, my gracious and stylish marketing and sales manager tries to whisk me off to that girls place for lunch - an organic and healthy take-away store around the corner - but she gives up on me and gets me my lunch. (Thank you so much Christine.)

14:00 Fitting sessions with design and tailoring.gorgeous in-house models in high heels, talented tailors and gifted designers create modern, sleek lines .NOIR.how to turn CSR sexy with certified fabrics!

15:00 Meeting with the chairman - discuss how to convince the board about new investments, how to set the goals for 2009.Inspiring and great to feel I´m alive.

16.30 E-mails revisited.

17:00 SKYPE conf call with our London PR agency Exposure to discuss next fashion weeks, editorials and book contributions incl. lecturing at various universities.

18:00 Last e-mails of the day are shot off and people are starting to leave the office.so happy that we have 99% of women employed who must go and pick up kids otherwise the office would feel like a boot camp!

19:00 Leaving office and preparing myself for next days trip to Paris to do interviews.

19:30 Dinner with my family and dog.

20:00 Not leaving my house, not picking up the phone.  Watching National Geographic channel - hoping to hit a re-run of the Aztec Culture.

21:00 Walking the dog - for the first time since I left the house in the morning I'm alone and the dog is not expecting to deliver any catchy phrases or words of wisdom...delightful doggy.

21:30 Checking e-mails for the last time.

22:00 Going to bed with a scary book; mythical creatures, druids and animals resembling My Little Pony.

22:01 Fast asleep until the next morning where it all starts again.
4:23 Awakened by my dog.needs a cuddle.now I know why the dumb animal is so tired and dizzy in the morning.

6:00 Ground hog day....

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