Liquid Lunch

Whilst much of my misspent youth was wiled away declaring 'food is for wimps' whilst downing  yet another juicy cocktail, I must confess the idea of skipping meals as a more wholesome activity was totally absurd to me.  A juice cleanse? Juice with no booze in it? Where's the fun in that? Until recently, that is. A friend recommended that I might like to curb my chocolate addiction and give my liver a nice little 'mini-break' and try Radiance, an organic juice cleanse raved about by celebs and civilians alike.

So I did it. Even whilst signing up I was giving myself get out clauses: if I feel too weak, I'm quitting.. If what my husband is eating looks too irresistible, I'm quitting. And so on. But remarkably the whole 3 day diet went rather swimmingly.

The 1st morning my Radiance package was delivered to my door in a cool bag. In it was everything I needed for my 3 day cleanse. As a detox virgin, I opted for the signature cleanse: a daily menu of five ready-made juice concoctions ranging from lemon juice, maple syrup and cayene pepper to carrot, apple and ginger; there was also a whole mountain of supplements. And how could I forget the nut milks. My saviours! For without them, I would have most definitely succumbed to my nagging get-out clauses.

So how do I feel now? Well, my tummy is flatter than a pancake, the amount of food I can actually fit into my tummy at mealtimes has been radically reduced, and I do believe I feel much perkier. Time for a cocktail to celebrate, me thinks.

Radiance Signature Cleanse £215


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