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When it comes to cleaning, you'd rather skirt 'round the issue than dust your skirting board, or mop your kitchen floor, or clean the loo. Hell, life's for living, and besides, the vision of you clutching a bottle of Cillit Bang in rubber gloved hands is sooo not a good look.

Mmmm, you could have a point there but whilst you've been leaving the dust to settle, cleaning products have gone and got a sparkling new makeover.  The dashing new breed of polishes and sprays has turned it's nose up at nasty synthetic fragrances, harsh chemicals and day-glow colours and instead, boasts sleek packaging, natural ingredients and an infinitely more glamorous image.

Who could resist washing the odd dish with Maison Belle's Apple & Thyme Washing Up Liquid? Not only does it come in the prettiest bottle but it's detergent-free formula means you don't even have to don those dodgy rubber gloves.

The purveyor of all things natural and stylish Daylesford Organic's new range is another winner - our favourite, the Rosemary Toilet Cleaner has a surprisingly affordable price tag too.  New from across the pond, is eco-cleaning brand Method which offers the most comprehensive collection of products, ranging from all purpose sprays scented with French lavender to almond wood polish; and has just launched 'Go Naked' which is it's super-duper ultra-pure range.

So, now there's no need to hide your ugly toxic cleaning products under the sink to languish for weeks on end - these natural alternatives are so stylish that you'll want to have them on show - which might encourage you to lift a lazy finger now and then.

Good for the environment as Maison Belle, Daylesford Organic and Method use biodegradable ingredients derived from natural materials. Conventional cleaning products are highly toxic and contain ingredients like ammonia, phosphates, phlalates and petrochemicals which are not only extremely damaging to the environment but they also leave layers of toxic residue throughout our homes - which have been linked to allergies, insomnia and cancer. Yuk!

Price Maison Belle Apple & Thyme Dishwashing Liquid: £4 for 500ml. Dayelsford Organic Rosemary Toilet Cleaner: £2.25 for 1litre. Method All Purpose Spray: $4.


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