StyleWillSaveUs is an independent digital style magazine magazine (no paper here, we're saving trees!) that loves all things super-stylish, organic, ethical, fairtrade, eco-friendly, vintage, recycled and sustainable.

It's easy to get freaked out in our current climate of global warming and toxic overload, especially when hair shirted eco-warriors (or indeed eco-worriers) are continually telling us to give up the little luxuries that make life worth living. Quite frankly, we'd rather not live in a tipi! In fact we don't think there's any need – by making a few smart choices we can live lovely lives safe in the knowledge that what's good for us can also be good for the planet.

Small things make a big difference when we do them together – all we need to do is stop for a moment, think about things and change a couple of habits or three.... That's where StyleWillSaveUs comes in. We're desperate to tell you about all the cool things you can do and buy so your hard earned cash goes on something you truly believe in.

All products and services reviewed on StyleWillSaveUs match our criteria and philosophy for good living. Here's an outline of where our goal posts are...

Holidays in far away lands and regular weekend jaunts abroad are sold to us as one of life's luxuries. Unfortunately, flying is one of the most threatening, not to mention fastest growing contributions to climate change. About 40 million tonnes a year comes from plane travel alone (up by 20 million tonnes since 1990) and it's estimated to become the single biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. With this in mind, we have chosen to mainly feature stylish hotels and eco-luxe retreats a little closer to home (London), some of which can even be reached by Eurostar, train and car. They've been chosen for their organic restaurants, recycling policies, inbuilt power supplies from sustainable energy sources such as solar panels or ground source heating and eco-friendly / vintage furnishings. Or simply because they're only an hour or two's drive or train journey from home thus saving on all those carbon emissions!

We only feature new fashion items that are fairtrade or made from organic cotton, cashmere, wool, silk, hemp, bamboo or other natural and sustainable materials which are produced in an environmentally friendly way. And because recycling is great for sustainability, we also inform you about designers who produce customised second hand pieces and of course vintage clothing boutiques and swap shops.

Our gourmet section features only products and services that are organic, biodynamic (or at least follow these principles) and brands who conduct themselves in an environmentally friendly, sustainable and ethical manner.

All featured beauty items are made with an extremely high percentage of natural or organic ingredients. We avoid products containing parabens and other dangerous preservatives, sodium laurel (and laureth) sulphate, artificial perfumes, artificial colourings, propelyne glycol, petrochemicals, PEGs, DEA, MEA and TEA to name but a few. We truly believe in luxury skincare that doesn't contaminate our bodies and our world with numerous toxic chemicals. To find out more about these harmful ingredients please visit our Dictionary of Eco Jargon in the About section on this site.

We all know how bad gas guzzlers are for global warming, so we only report on cars and scooters that are either electric, hybrid or vehicles that perform using bio fuel and reduced co2 emissions.

In our home and lifestyle features, we support cool products and services that enable reduced energy consumption, and items that are made from sustainable, ethical, fairtrade, organic, biodegradable, recycled or recyclable materials. Antique and vintage items also get the thumbs up!


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