Hurrah For Rahua!

Yay! Uber-luxe organic haircare products by Rahua (as used on Johnny Depp's lovely locks) have finally landed in London....

Une eco-friendly makeup by Bourjois

The Power Of Une

There's nothing quite like clicking open a shiny new compact, seeing the smooth pretty contents and touching your finger to that ...

Tsi La organic perfume by Annie Morton

Model Makes Scents

Scent-sational model, Annie Morton, famous for being the face of Guerlin Shalimar is now touting her very own fragrance ...

whish organic shaving products

Shave Haven

Buffing, scrubbing, shaving… What does it take to make us neatly hirsute gorgeous sirens? Wiping off those wispy whiskers ...

Jo Wood Organics Gift Set Offer, Jo Wood Organics

Beauty Offer!

Pssst! Fancy getting 10% off luxury organic beauty products online with our ...

Luxury organic perfumes

Follow Your Nose

Ugh! Department store beauty halls. What perfectly hideous places to shop - especially when you're on the hunt for a luxury, ...

Sophyto Organics, Organic Beauty Products

Skincare With Soul

If you are confounded, befuddled and just a teensy bit peeved at having to wade through copious amounts of skincare products to ...

Ren beauty products, luxury natural skincare

Itsy Eco Interview - Ren

Trust two ex-admen to come up with the slickest addition to the skincare industry this century! Ren ('clean' in Swedish) was launched ...

Priti Organic Day Spa, New York Organic Spa

Priti Girls NYC

If you're like us, and get 'spa anxiety' at the thought of placing your sensitive skin in the over-exuberant hands of a spa ...

Face Boutique, natural skincare, young skin

Itsy Eco Interview - Face Boutique

Girls, feast your faces on this! Always a sucker for a good bit of packaging design, Face Boutique's brand new beauty range caught our ...

Content/Wellbeing Organic Beauty Boutique

Cream Of The Crop

'Content/Wellbeing', a chic new beauty boutique in Marylebone village (with an online shop too) is way more than just a pretty face. ...

Ila Organic Beauty Products, Luxury Organics

Ila Says Relax

Whilst wafting lazily amidst fabulously fragrant organic incense (even better than Nag Champra!), steeping our bods in heady Himalayan ...


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