Old London Road, Upcycled Interiors boutique

Home Green Home

Head to awesome up-cycled furniture shop Old London Road run by the brilliantly-named Denny and Dazzle...


In the world of conceptual architecture, building on terra firma seems, well, just a tad passe. But on water? Aha! Now ...

Eco style: TreeLife eco-friendly treehouse exhibti

The Green Room

From 1960s James Bond-esque treehouses to futuristic fairytale garden prefabs - get ready for the coolest eco exhibition of ...

Eco Style your home at stylewillsaveus.com

Home Sweet Home

If updating your home to a greener version leaves you with visions of Charlie Dimmock perspiring over a compost heap or...

Thrifty Eco Style: Grace Pattison goes recycled!

Finders Keepers

Fancy furnishing your flat with groovy vintage pieces for free? One savvy but skint Londoner Grace Pattison tells us how she pulled ...

Eco style with Milly Rose's reupholstered vintage

Parmar Superstar

Hurrah! for Alison Parmar and her eco-fabulous range of re-upholstered vintage and discarded furniture. Missoni fabrics, ROMO ...

Eco Style: Ovetto Recycling Bin

Style With Substance

My, my, my... What have we here? A designer recycling bin, shaped like a giant space-age egg, you say? Well, this is a first - and ...

Mad For Shrooms!

By day, they're just your average (well, maybe not average) garden ornament, lazily basking in the summer sun. But by night? Pink, ...

Barnaby Barford Reworked Porcelain Figurines

Cheeky China

Don't ask me why, but there's something about the stirrings of a movement that's seeing artists and ceramicists reworking ...

Baumhause Eco-friendly Treehouse Prefab

Credit Crunch Chic

Ouch! Can you feel the squeeze? Moving home is a bank balance nightmare at the best of times, but with this dastardly credit crunch ...

Wall Stickers, Eco-Chic Interior Decorating

Stick 'Em Up

Ok. So you've woken up to the fact that while your wardrobe is an eco feat of stylish supremacy, your home is distinctly lagging ...

Eco-friendly Light, Recycled Glass Chandelier

Light up your life!

Take half a dozen cups, 4 spoons, some twine and an old banana box. Get your sticky back plastic, glue and nimble fingers and what ...


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